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Make Oral Surgery easy with Bridge Family Dental

Oral Surgery Dyker Heights, NY Most general dentist in Brooklyn, NY know how to handle the basics of dental care. But if you need oral surgery, you want to see a dentist who has a wealth of experience with complex oral health issues and their treatment. The Bay Ridge dentist from Bridge Family Dental have the education and experience with complex oral surgeries, including tooth extractions.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are a common oral surgery – most people have to have at least one wisdom tooth removed at some point in their lives. The experienced Brooklyn oral surgeons at Bridge Family Dental in Bay Ridge have performed extremely complicated and complex tooth extractions.

Dental Implant Placement

Learn more about dental implants at our dental implants page. We have experienced implantologists on staff at Bridge Family Dental.

Bridge Family Dental in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY provides you with access to a stable of highly trained dentist, all working under one roof to provide you with oral surgeries including complex tooth extractions and dental implant placement. Patients from Dyker Heights and Sunset Park visit our dental office to receive a high level of quality dental care and excellent, friendly service. Contact us for an appointment or to learn more about the services available at Bridge Family Dental.

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