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  • Minimizes discomfort
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  • Less radiation than traditional X-Rays
  • Precise diagnosis

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Bridge Family Dental: Building a Bridge of Choice for Brooklyn Dental Patients

There’s so much to say about Bridge Family Dental in Brooklyn, New York. Our dental office is equipped with quality technology and equipment. We perform a lot of complex dental treatments including tooth extractions, bone graft and membranes and root canal therapy. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and we’ve created an atmosphere of comfort and care for patients from Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

Experienced General and Cosmetic Dentist at Bridge Family Dental

Dr.Violetta Thierbach is highly trained and experienced dental healthcare professional who is thoroughly educated in her various specialties. She has attended top dental schools and provide a broad range of services such as implant restoration, extraction and bone graft.

Dental Technology Means More Options for our patients.

Our comprehensive initial exam consists of taking digital full mouth xrays to check for any issues associated with gums, tooth structure,any bone loss related issues,oral cancer screening, possible teeth grinding. Together we discuss your treatment, options and answer all your questions regarding your oral health.

For over 20 years, Dr. Thierbach has been providing patients with options. We use the latest dental equipment, providing more comfort and greater precision. Our dental practice focuses on patient satisfaction. That’s why we keep our office technologically advanced and continue our education to learn the latest dental care techniques. We make you feel at home with comforts designed to help you relax. Patients from all over Brooklyn have found the care they need at Bridge Family Dental.

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Our office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10 to 5 and some Saturdays per month for complex dental work only so contact us for an appointment at 718-833-1847.