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Fix Broken Bridges at Bridge Family Dental

Fixed Bridges Brooklyn, NY When your smile includes removed or missing teeth, unsightly spaces can make holding your head high extremely difficult. No one wants to suffer through life with these spaces in their smile, and with dental bridges from the Brooklyn family dentist at Bridge Family Dental, you won’t have to.

Bridges are used to fill in these open spaces, restoring your perfect smile and ensuring your teeth will always look their best. At Bridge Family Dental, we offer three distinct types of bridges, which our knowledgeable dentist will educate you on and choose the most efficient bridge for your particular situation. Traditional bridges are the most common type of bridges used in dentistry, and involve creating two crowns for the adjacent teeth, and a “pontic,” that will take the place of your missing tooth. These bridges are custom-made just for your smile, so you can rest assured that they will look and feel just like regular teeth.  Smile with confidence, chew your favorite foods again, or carry on a conversation without ever worrying about your smile. It’s that simple.

Our full-service Bay Ridge dental office also offers Cantilever bridges, which are used to replace teeth when the adjacent teeth are also missing. Should you be missing more than one tooth, hope is not lost, as our dental office can utilize these advanced bridges to give you back your smile. We also offer Maryland bonded bridges, which include both artificial teeth and gums, and are held in place by a metal frame that is affixed to a patient’s gums. All three of these bridges are readily available at our Bay Ridge dental office near Sunset Park and Dyker Heights, meaning your smile will never be space-filled for long.

Typically, three visits are needed whenever you are in need of a bridge from Bridge Family Dental. During your first visit, our Bay Ridge dentist will fully assess your case, determining the best course of action and fit your adjacent teeth for dental crowns. Your second visit to our dental practice will include the crowns being fitted to the adjacent teeth, and a mold being made for your dental bridge. Lastly, during your third and final visit, your bridge will be placed, and your smile will be restored to all its former glory. It’s that simple.

For additional information regarding dental bridges from the Brooklyn dentist at Bridge Family Dental in Bay Ridge, give us a call at (718) 833-1847 to schedule your appointment today.