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Dental Crowns Provided by Bridge Family Dental

Bay Ridge Crowns While damage to your teeth may only appear as an aesthetic eyesore, oftentimes the damage can run much deeper, adversely affecting the base structure of your entire tooth. With crowns provided by our Brooklyn family dental practice in Bay Ridge, you can make sure that damage to your smile is quickly taken care of.

We all know the destruction that one cavity can cause. All it takes is one of these decay-causing cavities and your entire tooth’s foundation can be destroyed. Thankfully, a crown can completely cover the damaged area of your tooth, giving you back a healthy, glowing smile and getting you back on the road to optimal oral health. Crowns can restore or reshape your entire tooth, making any and all physical adjustments and evening out misshapen teeth or unsightly edges. Crowns as sometimes known as “caps,” as they cover the entire surface of your teeth. This makes them a premier choice for the resolution of many dental problems.

During your first appointment, our Bay Ridge dentist will make a dental impression to ensure that your crown falls right in line with your existing smile, blending seamlessly and allowing you to retain the natural look we know every patient wants. Your crown can be placed on your second visit. Porcelain crowns provided by our dental office can correct any cosmetic damage to your teeth, restoring your smile to the one of your past – even making it better than it ever has been before. A healthy, shining smile can give you back the look you have always wanted.

To get back the healthy, glowing smile of your past, crowns from Dr. Thierbach at Bridge Family Dental in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY are the answer. Your smile is one of your most important features, and often will be one of the first things people notice about you. Don’t you think you should give the best impression possible? A shining smile can do just that, allowing you to put your best face forward. To schedule an appointment, or for more information regarding our dental crowns, call our Bay Ridge dental practice at (718) 833-1847 or contact us online today.