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Dazzling Dentures from Bridge Family Dental

Bay Ridge Dentures There are many reasons you may find yourself suffering from missing teeth. Whether it is due to a genetic disorder, an advanced disease, or even malnutrition, a dentist may be required to remove portions of your teeth, sometimes even extracting them entirely. These may seem like extreme measures, but it is sometimes necessary to preserve the integrity of your smile and keep you in good health. With dentures available through our Bay Ridge dental office, you can still enjoy all the benefits and securities that a full smile offers.

No matter the cause for your missing teeth, we can get you smiling again in no time. Dentures provided by our dental office can ensure you never go without the comfort and familiarity of a full smile. Your dentures will be custom-made to fit your mouth. Missing teeth should not make you miss out on anything else life has to offer, and with a full set of dentures, you never will. In many cases, they can look and feel just like your natural teeth, without anyone knowing.

Full sets of immediate dentures can be extremely useful while your gums heal from the teeth removal process, allowing you to continue living your life as normal, with all of the advantages that a full set of teeth can offer you. If you do not require a full denture set, however, our full-service Brooklyn family dental practice can offer you partial dentures, which can be secured to your remaining teeth, leaving you with a stunning, beautiful smile. Our partial dentures will not only match your current teeth perfectly, but also improve your overall facial appearance.

With your new set of dentures you can enjoy chewing, talking, and smiling; it will be as if your teeth were never removed at all. Don’t let missing teeth deprive you of the things in your life you have come to know and love. Rely on the trained and knowledgeable hands of our Bay Ridge dentist to provide you with the utmost caring attention when it comes to your dental needs.

To schedule a consultation regarding your denture needs, give us a call at (718) 833-1847 today.