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Providing Periodontal Gum Disease Therapy to Brooklyn Residence

Gum Disease Therapy Bay Ridge While often patients will properly care for their teeth, they will only care for their teeth, neglecting their gums entirely. With the recent rise in popularity of periodontal gum disease, it is extremely important to remember that oral health includes more than merely your teeth. In order to achieve optimal oral health, you must properly care for your gums as well. If you do find yourself suffering due to the recent rise of periodontal disease, our trained and efficient Bay Ridge dentist at Bridge Family Dental can provide you with the proper procedures to wage your war against the disease.

Gum disease targets the gum and bone support structure of your teeth, and can often go undiagnosed simply because it goes unnoticed. The hidden nature of this disease can make it extremely difficult to deal with, which is why it is imperative that you get regular cleanings from our trained and knowledgeable dentist in Brooklyn. The best offense against this disease is a proper defense, and with routine dental checkups and cleanings from Bridge Family Dental, you can rest assured you have the best defense possible.

Often, periodontal gum disease will first manifest as gingivitis. In the case of gingivitis, there are several warning signs you may experience. When you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms, it is extremely important to rely on the professional advice of one of the dentist at Bridge Family Dental, as we want to be able to cut this disease off as early as possible – before it grows and develops into something beyond our control. These signs include swelling of the gum area, bleeding of the gums while you are brushing or flossing, irritable gums, and brightly colored gums. These are all signs of the onset of gingivitis, and with regular, professional cleanings from our Bay Ridge dentist, as well as a strict at-home cleaning methods and the use of antibacterial rinses, you can keep this at bay.

When the disease progresses beyond gingivitis, it may be necessary to employ other methods in the battle against it. Usually, these methods of periodontal therapy include deep cleaning of the dental roots to remove plaque and bacteria, which we accomplish through a scraping and sonic vibration procedure. In this procedure, small pads that have been treated with antibacterial solution are placed into the patient’s mouth in order to reduce excessive plaque.

If you are suffering from swollen gums, or any of the symptoms of potential gingivitis, give our dental practice a call today at (718) 833-1847 to schedule an appointment.