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Building Confident Smiles with Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn

Bay Ridge Teeth Whitening When most people think of the perfect smile, there are a few qualities that come to mind. In addition to straight, even teeth, one of the most important of these qualities involves their color. After all, is there anything more unsightly than a great smile that has been hampered down by a yellowish stain or discoloration? With Zoom! Whitening from our Bay Ridge dental practice, your teeth will be whiter than ever – making you one step closer to that movie star smile of your dreams.

With the advanced Zoom! process, your teeth can be instantly whitened – all within an hour. Forget over-the-counter strips or trays that promise cosmetic improvements, our in-office teeth whitening system promises that your whitening will be overseen by the guiding hand of one of our trained and knowledgeable Brooklyn dentist. Never worry if you’re doing it right or if the changes in color are even noticeable. With our teeth whitening services, you can be fully confident that you will have a noticeably brighter, whiter smile, all within an hour.

Our Zoom! process begins with an assessment of your smile. Dr. Thierbach will take a series of pictures of your teeth, which allow us to determine the best level whitening process to get your smile glowing again. We then begin cleaning your teeth, making sure to remove any plaque or excess buildup which may interfere with getting your teeth the perfect shade of white. The whitening process begins with shining the special Zoom! light directly on the surface of your teeth, a procedure that is done in 20 minute intervals. By the time one hour is up, your teeth will be noticeably more beautiful, and you will have never left the comfort of the dental chair.

With Zoom! Whitening, you will experience one of the safest, gentlest, and most effective means of teeth whitening available on the market today. The advanced methods utilized in the technology can get your teeth whiter than you ever thought possible, giving you the sense of self confidence that only a bright, shining smile can. A bright smile can help you ace that job interview, score that second date, or toast the room with confidence. This bright smile can be yours – all it takes is an hour.

For additional information regarding the Zoom! Whitening process, or to schedule your appointment today, give our Bay Ridge dentist a call at (718) 833-1847 today. Your shining white smile is waiting.